• Nice (Côte d’Azur), France
Our terms

We offer wellness, caresses and control of  pleasure.

Thank you in advance for considering the following rules of behaviour during your visit in PARADISE MASSAGE:

  • The shower is required before all our massage services, we provide everything you need;
  • Thank you for not asking any sexual services during the massage, or after the session;
  • The massage is carried out according to our concept that involves the successive crossing of “three paradises”, you will be asked to become aware of it;
  • We reserve the right to refuse any client whose intent, behaviour or appearance are not consistent with our values​​;
  • The masseuses are dressed in a light and sensual outfit;
  • The massage is done on your entire body, except the intimate area, so that you will feel full pleasure;
  • The masseuse should not be massaged or caressed, it is better for you to remain passive so that you may enjoy the benefits of massage;
  • Our massages are not associated with any therapeutic, physiotherapy or medical technique.

If you do not consider our above terms, the massage will be stopped immediately, without refund possibilities.