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Our Body to Body Massage - the Gate to the 3 Heavens
September 21, 2020

Body to Body erotic Massage could be offered in many ways, depending on the massage centre and the masseuse. In this article you will find out how we do Body to Body Massage in our Paradis Massage salon form Nice, Cote d’Azur.

Go beyond and discover a new you

If you have tried Body to Body Massage in other places before, you might have noticed that there is no specific way to do it.

In some places the focus is more on the sensual part, using stimulation of your sexual energy to arouse you.

Some other places, like our Paradis Massage Institute, offer the sensual and erotic part combined with a deep knowledge of how erotic arousal works. Tha aim is an experience that transcends the physical body.

Body to Body erotic Massage could also differ from one masseuse to another, based on their own style and uniqueness.

Let’s find out how we do it.

But first,

What is erotic Body to Body Massage actually?

Body to Body Massage is a sensual massage in which the masseuse is using her entire body to massage you. At our Institute we want every massage session to be a real piece of art tailored to your real needs.

Even if we caress your body in a thousand ways, we then pass beyond into a soft paradise. So all the masseuse’s erotic slidings over your body will take you to a magic realm within. It will feel sooo good!

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Ancient art adapted to a modern blissful experience

Our Body to Body erotic Massage is based on genuine Tantra teachings that all our masseuses have learned along many years of study.

The techniques that we use in Paradis Massage Center also contain many of the Taoist knowledge of press-puncture and energy channels. They know so many ways to pamper you that you will lose all your limitations. It will be a really big difference in quality from all what you had till now.

Step forward into heavens!

The set-up is cozy and intimate: soft music, aromatherapy and your charming topless or nude masseuse’s warm welcoming. A dim light slightly touching your naked body… It is a relaxing, yet sensual ambiance that will enchant and seduce you.

Indulge in the softest skin to skin cuddle

Body to Body erotic Massage always starts with a relaxation massage. You need to be well prepared for what will follow.

Your masseuse will slowly touch your body with her hands, fingers, arms and forearms and even her hair. She will press certain secret points on your body to unlock your erotic energies.

Only natural oils are used to nurture your skin and to assist this marvelous massage.

Slowly but surely the body to body voluptuousness will embrace you. Your whole being will be taken to a fascinating heaven. Your charming masseuse will use her legs, her feet, sometimes her buttocks and her soft and sweet breasts.

From sexual arousal to a soul touching experience

Body to Body erotic Massage from Paradis Institute in Nice is very much based on chemistry and the merging of two souls. Every touch ihas a meaning and, when you are deeply relaxed and with an open heart, you are ready to allow your erotic energy to be awakened.

The erotic arousal will not be felt only in the genital area but in your whole body and this can be so new to you. Fear not, you will like it!

You could ask your well trained masseuse to reveal you more secrets about the control of the erotic power. Don’t be surprise if you will learn a lot of interesting details and some breathing techniques from her to enhance your experience.

Ascending to Bliss

Your freshly awakened erotic energy will go upwards throughout your whole body, following the main channels. You will feel a boost of vitality while you perfectly control it in a deep state of relaxation.

You might feel a shift, an energy uplift that slowly takes you to a state of pure bliss. This is the icing of the cake, the much sought after state. And you could reach to it through our magnetic Body to Body Massage.

Eager to try it? We bet you do… We are waiting for you to enjoy your own blissful moment.


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