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The Charm of Our Erotic Masseuses
March 7, 2020

The French Riviera is the place of pleasure and desire suitable to offer you a magical erotic massage. The city of Nice is ideal to let yourself be tempted by new and exciting sensations. Our Paradis Massage Institute offers you a moment of well-being and pure sensuality, in the company of our sensual and charismatic masseuses.

We therefore invite you to Nice, in our "Paradise" of eroticism and well-being to take a unique bodily journey!

The know-how of our erotic masseuses

The idea of an erotic massage tempts you? You are in Nice looking for a unique and intense experience? Our heavenly massage is the best choice!

Let your imagination run wild: you are alone in a massage cabin, the atmosphere is wonderful, your five senses are energized. You lie completely naked on a mattress. The door opens and a magnificent erotic masseuse gracefully enters the room. She sensually takes off her light clothes, then sits next to you. She then begins to apply massage oil along your body: the massage can begin.

Sensuality is already present from the very first touch. Attentive and empathetic, the masseuse alternates slow or fast movements with gentle or firm pressures. At the beginning she caresses you in a subtle way, with her hair that gives you indescribable shivers. Her hands glide gently over your skin. Then she uses her whole body for a "body to body" wrapping.

All you have to do is let go and let yourself be carried away by this mixture of relaxation and excitement. In an enchanting atmosphere, with your eyes closed, you can enjoy the sensual and soft touching. Our erotic masseuse is dedicated body and soul to helping you reach the seventh heaven.

The benefits of erotic massage

The benefits are more numerous than you can imagine.

Some of the benefits of this complex and fulfilling experience include:

  • increased libido and passion;
  • significant dilution in stress;
  • increased vitality, virility in men and femininity in women;
  • well-being at all levels;
  • harmony and inner balance;
  • excellent aphrodisiac;
  • enthusiasm, happiness, joy of life;
  • regeneration of the whole being;
  • inner freedom;
  • good self-control;
  • serenity, inner peace;
  • reconnection with yourself and your deep being.

The list of benefits of our erotic massage is far from extensive.

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Discover the charm of our delightful and erotic masseuses

Our Paradis Massage Institute is very demanding when recruiting masseuses: they are elegant, attentive, smiling and professional. Each one has a unique charm and personality. Let yourself be seduced by their femininity.

Our erotic masseuses bring you waves of refined pleasure in every part of your body. Their heavenly touch opens the door from your heart to ecstasy.

The tenderness, the beauty, the smile of a pretty erotic masseuse, the relaxing and refined setting: everything is designed for perfect comfort and ease.

Erotic massage - a journey to the land of wonder

Our sessions immerse you in a euphoric holiday atmosphere. You benefit from an inciting "cruise on the energy meridians", or an "erotic physical journey body to body" away from the stressful world.

Throughout the trip, the hostess will introduce you to "aphrodisiac beaches" on your body, that is to say areas of pleasure unknown until now.

Thoughts stop and you start to fly away out of time and space. You will thus discover the depths of your being, a real state of quietness... and the seventh heaven.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone and share your wishes and desires with us. If they correspond to our values, all the erotic masseuses at Paradis Massage will be delighted to share them with you to make you happy.

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