• Nice (Côte d’Azur), France
The Present Moment Revealed in the Most Intense Sensuality
March 9, 2018

Paradis Massage in Nice offers you a very sensual tantric massage through the most exquisite body-to-body touch. The eroticism is gradually awakening into a state of delicious and fulfilling sensorial plenitude.

If you vividly live the present moment, here and now, you will discover a magical dimension of time in the most intense tantric sensuality. A state of deep calm and inner peace will arise and will help you relax and regenerate.

The time will stop, the breathing will slow down and will become almost imperceptible. Thoughts will be more and more rare, until they will settle into a total mental calm, where only the silent self will remain.

Live totally the present moment while enjoying the most intense pleasure of our tantric massage. Allow your consciousness to infinitely expand. Let yourself enter in the most beautiful paradise, Paradis Massage.

Have an extraordinary tantric massage in full consciousness!

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