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The Inguinal Massage
June 7, 2018

Perfectly located on the French Riviera in Nice, two minutes away from the Promenade des Anglais, our institute, Paradis Massage Erotique invites all open-minded women and men to experience an original vision of eroticism and happiness.

You can also benefit from our exceptional promotion: the erotic massage of the inguinal region, offered for each naturist session starting from one hour and a half (see Our promotions).

We propose you to discover a new approach of refined pleasure that combines deep relaxation with sensual effervescence of the erotic body to body massage.

Fatigue and stress are now forgotten and you can fully enjoy a state of harmony, plenitude and serenity.

A better relaxation of the inguinal region

The inguinal zone is a very delicate and sensitive area that surrounds the intimate parts.
When this area is massaged by applying pressure to specific energetic points, or by using delicate touches, you will experience agreeable states of pleasure and relaxation.

The tensions accumulated at the level of the pelvic floor disappear, thus providing relaxation and well-being.

Thanks to this delightful relaxation you can experience a state of fulfilment and voluptuousness.
Gradually, these wonderful states are harmoniously diffused throughout your entire being.

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A fulfilling sensual effervescence

Throughout your naturist erotic massage session, our masseuses infuse an eroticism both intense and refined in each of her sensual gestures, in each of her tender caresses.

The purpose is to awaken the libido, which generates an intense desire.
The erotic massage of the inguinal region has aphrodisiac effects, but also sublimating and relaxing effects.

It helps you to better control your pleasure, erection, excitement, to live an optimal well-being. Our masseuses guide you to amplify both the frenzy of sensual energies and the ability to control them.

Here are just a few good reasons to make an appointment to Paradis Massage for a body-to-body and naturist session and to enjoy the massage of the inguinal region.

The unfolding of the erotic massage of the inguinal region

The inguinal region is crossed by four energetic meridians, such as Conception Vessel, Stomach, Kidneys and Liver. On these meridians there are specific points of presso puncture.

The masseuse alternates on each point, slightly firmer pressures and delicate and gentle effleurages.

Your sensual energies are harmoniously boosted at this level. Guided by your masseuse, you can achieve a better awareness of your own experiences and feelings.

The inguinal region massage and sublimation

The caresses provided by the masseuse in this region are linked to bodily pleasure and erotic effervescence. Nevertheless, this massage also has certain sublimatory connotations.

Throughout your erotic massage session, you will experience moments of awakening pleasure as well as moments of sublimation.

Relax completely and allow yourself to let go, to take full advantage of all the benefits of our erotic massage.
Let the waves of voluptuousness ascend towards the top of your head. In this way, the eroticism and vitality that gradually amplifies and sublimates, makes you more virile and increases your charisma.

Invitation for a sensual journey

Our institute Paradis Massage in Nice is delighted to offer you the erotic massage of the inguinal region, an even more sensual and relaxing session. If you are looking for happiness, the joy of life and plenitude, we invite you to enjoy a fulfilling massage experience.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our paradise.

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