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The Mutual Massage - The Art of Tenderness and Mutual Caresses
June 28, 2020

Paradise Massage from Nice invites you to experience a new version of the mutual erotic massage - the art of tenderness based on the exploration of the male and female erogenous zones.

A stimulating and fulfilling body dialogue

As soon as you arrive, the enticing scent of essential oils, the relaxing music and candle lights, the warm welcome of our masseuses, everything embraces your five senses in an exulting atmosphere. Beyond any sexual connotation, our mutual erotic massage is an invitation to an enriching dialogue of gestures, through soft and sensual touches.

Approached during our reciprocal erotic massage, the art of tenderness and mutual caresses is a physical journey that allows you to discover the specific sensual zones for both women and men. Thanks to this play of female, Yin, and male, Yang energies, you can experience the state of polarity and fullness.

All gestures that lead to the awakening of desire and pleasure are carried out in an atmosphere of mutual trust, empathy and dialogue that prevails between you and your masseuse. During the reciprocal erotic massage session at Paradise Massage, the masseuse gently guides you through the most sensitive and sensual parts of the body (except the genital area, in accordance with our policy).

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The unfolding of our mutual heavenly erotic massage

The session always begins with a relaxation massage that alternates with the erotic body to body massage and then continues with the exploration of female and male erogenous zones, with tender and sensual mutual caresses.

First, the hands rest on the heart chakra. The looks meet and increase the intimacy. Breathing becomes calm and deep. With a gentle voice and with a smile on her face, the masseuse offers you a moment of awareness of the energies, masculine, solar and feminine, lunar and the polarity between men and women. For maximum well-being, the masseuse works separately on the energetic meridians yin and yang. We then invite you to provide soft and tender touches that will allow you to discover the female erogenous zones on your masseuse's body. Mutual empathy is an essential attitude during our reciprocal erotic massage. The empathic dialogue with her inner states, with her sensations represents the quintessence of the reciprocal erotic massage. In this way, your pleasure can increase upwards.

To ensure that the massage is truly reciprocal, the masseuse will caress certain of your erogenous zones afterwards.

The mutual erotic massage is done in a harmonious way to give and receive exquisite pleasure, erotic refinement, happiness, tenderness and love. The session of the mutual erotic massage ends with an awareness of the states of polarity you have just experienced.

The exploration of Erogenous Zones

According to our philosophy, each body is seen as a temple of pleasure, where any erogenous zone becomes a doorway to sensual states of ecstasy.

The woman's body is very sensitive to touch. She can deeply relax and enjoy the states of pleasure that you offer her if she can feel respected and can be confident. We invite you to choose this erotic massage only if you are the sensitive Man who cherishes the Woman and who wishes to receive as much as to give pleasure and tenderness.

This polarity game will allow you to amplify your sensuality and libido and discover new erogenous zones that can be amazing gates to paradise. You will learn to relish the pleasure with your whole body.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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