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April 2, 2020

Use your massage session at Paradis Massage to discover the aphrodisiac sensations associated with different parts of your body.

Every human being is, for us, unique; however, depending on your date of birth, there is a corresponding zodiac sign that has a certain specific area of ​​projection on your body as to the aphrodisiac effects of the massage. If your masseuse caresses and harmoniously massages this area (for example, the head for the sign of the Aries or the feet for the sign of the Pisces, etc.), it becomes erogenous and will thus give you a new, very intense pleasure.

We invite you to Paradis Massage to discover your favorite erogenous zones according to your zodiac sign.

For any session starting from two hours, you benefit from a tender and delicate massage of the specific area corresponding to your astrological sign. Our masseuses will be delighted to explain the concept and offer you this new massage during your next appointment at our Paradis Massage.
We look forward to welcoming you!

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