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One of the Secrets of the Intimate Massage - Yoni Reflexology
July 17, 2020

Yoni Massage is an intimate massage where all the areas of your vagina are stimulated and activated like in reflex therapy. In Paradis massage Institute, yoni massage in performed after a relaxing, sensual, tantric massage.

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for “sacred place” and literally means “vulva” or “vagina”.

Why does Yoni Massage (vulva massage) have so many great results, ranging from energetic blockages release and relieving trauma to experiencing great pleasure and even orgasm ?

One of the answers is Yoni Reflexology.

What I will tell you right now might sound surprising, but here I go anyway:

The whole body is reflected in your yoni (in your vagina)

Exactly. Surprised? Let me explain. You might have heard about reflexology by now.

What is reflexology?

According to Wikipedia, reflexology is ‘an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands.’

You touch a part of your body and feel the effects in a different, corresponding part – because the whole body is reflected on a specific part – in your foot or hand.

What is not so well known is that the same applies to your vagina – different parts of your body are reflected inside your delicate vagina, that we like to call yoni.

Lets find out more about it.

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Sensual reflex points inside your vagina

There are areas inside your yoni that are related to different organs. In other words, your yoni is like a map of your body. Massaging the reflex points of these areas have different effects that you could experience. How will you feel the effects of the yoni massage ? One of the answers of your body to yoni mapping is to feel different emotions. Each of the main organs of your body is related to some specific emotions – negative or positive. When a certain area is massaged during a sensual tantric massage, the negative emotion can be released and transformed into a positive one.

Lets see how different organs of your body are reflected inside your yoni and where exactly they are located:


The entrance of your yoni corresponds to the Kidneys. Massaging this area in the end of a sensual tantric massage helps you reduce fears and feel calm and serene again.

Liver area

Just behind the yoni entrance (kidney zone) the Liver area can be found. Pressure massage on this area after a sensual tantric massage stimulates the liver and helps release anger and frustration. As a result, you will more easily accept yourself and take things exactly as they come.

Spleen and Pancreas area

The next area corresponds to the Spleen and Pancreas. Carefully touching the reflex points here after a sensual tantric massage helps releasing nervousness, worry and over-thinking. Instead, you will feel more rooted and have a sense of trust and opening.

Lungs area

Lungs area follows the Spleen and Pancreas area and is related to sadness and grief as negative emotions. As you receive a yoni massage and different points are being touched here, this emotions could be released and you will experience a new feeling of integrity.

Heart – cervix area

Right on the cervix area, the heart reflex points are located inside your vagina. Stimulating these points could remove impatience and unforgiveness. They will be replaced by a feeling of love, peace and …… yes – forgiveness.

Massage is medicine for the body

In many cultures, massage is used as a healing modality. The body has the ability to heal itself and, offering it a massage, increases its capacity for healing.

If you are interested in offering yourself a yoni massage choose a professional therapist to do it.

You can communicate with the masseuse as she will assist you each step of the way. Our masseuses were well and long trained into the practice of yoni massage reflexology. Therefore, be sure that you will be on good hands. 

We recommend you at least several sessions in order to benefit from all the effects of a Yoni Massage.

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