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Exceptional promotion at Paradis Massage!

Discounts for the month of October 2021

For every nude massage of at least 2 hours, the inguinal area massage is included for free.

For every reciprocal massage session of at least 1 hour and a half, the assisted shower and the massage of the inguinal area are included for free.

  • Shower accompanied by 15 euro
  • Massage of the inguinal area 25 euro
Our Massages Paradis 1h 1h30'(best seller) 2h 2h30'
Erotic Nude for Him 2hands 190€ 230€210€ 240€ 290€
4hands 300€ 380€360€ 420€ -
Erotic Nude for Her 2hands 170€ 210€190€ 230€ -
4hands 240€ 280€260€ - -
Erotic Nude for Couple 320€ 370€350€ 400€ 460€
Erotic Nude Reciprocal 290€ 350€310€ 380€ -
Erotic Nude VIP 430€ 480€ 530€ -
Sensual Non-Nude 150€ 170€ 200€ -

Nude Massage for Him

Two Hands: 190 €/1h; 210 €/1h30; 240 €/2h; 290 €/2h30; 340 €/3h;

Four hands: 300 €/1h; 360 €/1h30; 420 €/2h;

Nude Massage for Her

Two Hands: 170 €/1h; 190 €/1h30; 230 €/2h;

Four hands: 240 €/1h; 260 €/1h30.

Nude Massage for Couples

320 €/1h; 350 €/1h30; 400 €/2h; 460 €/2h30.

Nude Reciprocal Massage

1h : 320€ 290€
1h30 : 350€ 310€
2h : 430€ 380€

Nude VIP Massage

1h : 430€
1h30 : 480€
2h : 530€

*Reciprocal VIP Massage (exclusively for our loyal customers, price on request).

Sensual Non-Nude Massage

1h : 150€
1h30 : 170€
2h : 200€


Add Ons

Assisted shower: +15 €

Massage of the inguinal area: +25 €

Massage with feathers: +10 €

Click here to discover our Reciprocal Nude Massage.

Click here to discover the Secrets of the Yoni Massage for women.

Tel: 07 85 40 01 51

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Our opening hours are from 11am to 21pm by booking only.

Paradis Massage de Nice propose you an inedit concept of erotic massage: The Gate to the 3 Heavens


Our Promotions


Our Loyalty Offers

  1. For five erotic massage sessions, we offer you a FREE MASSAGE SESSION. This promotion is valid for 60 days from the date of the first massage.

  2. Get 20% DISCOUNT on your 3rd massage. This promotion is valid for 10 days from the date of the first massage.

  3. Young people (18 - 25 years old) benefit from 25% DISCOUNT for erotic nude and non-nude massages, for a duartion of at least one hour and a half.

  4. Couples who come three times within three months in a row, receive a 50% DISCOUNT for the third session of erotic massage, nude or non-nude.

  5. We also offer PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS for those who wish to discover the secrets and the benefits of mastering pleasure during the tantric massage and for their erotic life.


Our Past Promotions

Summer Dream

Enjoy the special promotion we offer you for August 2021:

For two massage sessions starting with 1h30 you have 20 minutes reciprocal massage at the third massage session.

Promotion 60 euros discount on our Reciprocal Nude Massages

From 1st to 30th July 2020, Paradis Massage is pleased to offer you an exceptional promotion: up to 60 euros discount on our reciprocal nude massages.

The inguinal area massage, which is both sensual and relaxing, is offered for any session starting from 1h30.

Discover the Session of Reciprocal Massage

The art of mutual tenderness and the discovery of certain feminine and masculine erogenous zones is our most requested massage. From March 2nd to 8th 2020, we are pleased to offer you 15 minutes of reciprocal massage as gifts for any nude session from 2 hours.

We invite you to read the article on our original concept of reciprocal massage and our charter.

Nude Erotic Massage - A Special Christmas Gift for You

The celebrations of the end of the year are full of happiness, joy, gifts and shared surprises. Paradise Massage will wrap you in a cocoon of well-being, emotional warmth, tenderness, refined eroticism. Take some time for a sensual escape and enjoy a paradisiacal erotic massage. Come to be pampered at Paradis Massage and enjoy our Christmas special offers:

  • Have a nude massage 1h session, for him or for her, and we offer you 15 minutes for free;
  • Enjoy a 2 hours nude massage, for her or for him and you will experience an astonishing and sensual surprise which will awaken a refined and delightful pleasure of the senses and especially of the eyes.

Erotic Massage Gift Idea for Couples. Be original and offer your beloved one a nude erotic massage in total privacy. For any session from 1h30 we offer you a 15 minutes gift.

Our promotion is valid from December 20th to December 27th, 2019.

Summer Surprise - Promotion June 17th to 26th 2019

We invite you to enjoy heavenly smiles, touches and sensual sensations, from 17th to 26th June 2019.

Come with one or two friends and enjoy a 15 minute massage gift to any type of massage you choose.