• Nice (Côte d’Azur), France
Our Terms

We offer wellness, caresses and control of pleasure.

Thank you in advance for considering the following rules of behaviour during your visit in PARADISE MASSAGE CENTRE:

  • Shower is requested prior to all services; we offer all necessary items in this respect;
  • Thank you for not asking any sexual services;
  • The mastered pleasure is part of our massage concept. Do not hesitate to ask your masseuse further information on this topic;
  • Our masseuses will be wearing a G-string, unless you choose a nude massage
  • The sensual massage will be performed on the whole body, except the genitals;
  • The masseuse will not be touched or caressed, you would rather let go and enjoy the benefits of the sensual massage
  • We preserve our right to reject all visitors who do not comply with our rules and values
  • Our erotic and nude massages are not associated to any therapeutic methods, whether kinesthesis or medical.

In case the above rules are disregarded, the sensual massage session will be immediately discontinued and no reimbursement shall be made.

new hygiene policy

The art of mutual tenderness and the discovery of erogenous zones

The session "The Art of Mutual Tenderness" includes:

  • Relaxation massage,
  • Body-to-body massage, performed only by the masseuse,
  • Discovery of female erogenous zones,
  • Discovery of male erogenous zones,
  • Sublimation of pleasure.

The purpose of this sensual massage is to make you discover through erotic and tender caresses, certain female erogenous zones. Any sexual favour is excluded.
We kindly ask you to caress the masseuse with respect and delicacy, using your hands only.

The session takes place according to a specific protocol, which the masseuse will help you discover.
To fully enjoy all the benefits of this sensual experience, we recommend an empathic communication with your masseuse during your caresses.

You can touch and caress the masseuse, except her intimate parts. She is not allowed to massage your intimate parts either.
In case this regulation will not be respected and the physical or moral integrity of the masseuse will be affected, the massage will be immediately discontinued.

Thank you and wish you a wonderful experience of sensual tenderness!


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