• Nice (Côte d’Azur), France
Our Concept

Our original concept of erotic and tantric massage

We offer erotic, tantric massages for men, women and couples. Beyond relaxation, each erotic, tantric massage is an invitation to harmonize the energies of the body with the soul and the vibrations of the mind.

Our gentle and experienced masseuses have the keys of paradise where they will take you.

After a shower, the entire sensual tantric massage begins with a relaxation massage that provides a delicious sensation of rest and contentment. The pleasant alternating strokes and stronger pressure relieve your stress and generate a state of comfort.

Once relaxed, the erotic masseuse invites you to discover our three paradises.

At first, she lavishes you with the sensual caresses of her soft hands and body, she passes slowly and gently all over your body, from head to toe (excluding private parts). Then her forearm slide and press to your skin shiver under each caress using her knees, thighs and chest. She awakens a deep pleasure within you. Gradually, the pleasure becomes extreme: you’re in the paradise of carnal senses!

Then here comes the second step when caresses are slower and softer. You are touched with a fulfilling love. The intense desire turns into a state of calm, peace. Emotional harmony settles. You’ve arrived in the paradise of affection.

At the end of the erotic, tantric massage, the masseuse takes you to the last paradise of mind. The pleasure spreads through your entire being. Time stops and makes space for silence and absolute serenity.

The erotic, tantric massage is over, but you may stay a few more moments lying down to contemplate the heavenly states that you feel.

In our conception of erotic, tantric massage, crossing “these three paradises” is essential, but the masseuse can adjust the duration of each step according to your necessities (that you may even express). In this pursuit of happiness, let yourself be guided by your erotic masseuse and do not hesitate to seek advice.

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